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Types of MLM Software

Tech Pathway provides you the best services for Bitcoin Multilevel Marketing Developed with the best and relevant amenity for our customers. Now you don’t have any need to go and take any support from the third party.

Monoline MLM Plan
This is a newly entered plan which comes in this same year. This is the only plan which comes in monoline or can say a single line.

Australian X-Up Plan
One of the MLM plan which is as simple to understand along with as simple to use. Matching is the one and only plan between Tri-Binary and Australian Binary.

Spillover Binary Plan
This MLM plan is just equal to Binary plan one and the only difference between this and the Binary plan is that the member of up line joins other more than individuals.

Bitcoin MLM software development company

Unilevel Plan
In MLM Business known as the one of the best along with very simple concept which allows a single line of distributors

Matrix Plan
Available with no variable changes in Depth and Width Structure, which also knows as an FMC refers to Forced Matrix Compensation, the best way to measure the perfect width and Depth.

Helping Plan
It is one of the simple and helpful for donation, it can be considered as similar to gift MLM plan, gets fabulous services regarding tacking, investment suggestion etc.

Hybrid MLM Plan

One of the plans which is the combination of multiple plans which helps to measure company growth, success rate and get a great idea to earn as an investment.

Gift Plan

One of the most popular plan this is which helps to suggest and reduce the efforts of investing along with money and time and gives you a successful experience.

Level Income Plan

This MLM plan is just made to know the optimize your business MLM efficiently, you can check level through calculator by the known info as like person in starting, per id amount is given etc.

Board Plan

Also, having the alternate name which defines all the functionality or importance of the plan which is Resolving Matrix Plan.

Binary Plan

Having with the two powerful alternative names one is Two*N Metrix Plan and the second name is Business Center defines the value of uses and benefits for users.

Generation Plan

This MLM plan is fully based on a generation which helps to distribute the generated income as according to Generation level and also it comes into the most powerful network.

Stair Step Plan

This is used by large-scale established companies only which the help of this plan user can definitely get, the more income.basically its based on measurable pay scale.

Party MLM Plan

This plan is helping to MLM Project to promote an organizational event, In any of the events, this helps to distributors to our upcoming new projects.

What Coin Solution we Offer for MLM Business

The solution for Coin which we are provided is mentioned below. These all coin solution you can get with us with the highest level of satisfactory services from us.


Bitcoin is a Digital digital cryptocurrency ,Without a single administrator or central bank it is decentralized digital currency.


Its an cryptocurrency software which released under MIT/ X11 licence its an open source and peer to peer currency.

Feather coin

Feather coin is also an open source crypto currency software that is based on liecoin protocol MIT/ X11.1 released under the license.


By the implementation of its also create as an peer to peer open source work system which is filled by prime mambers chains.


With the supply limit of 100 million, required license is MIT its is just made for maintaining decentralized applications for scalable network.


Ripple is crated by Labs Inc and system of real time gross satelement. Labs Inc is a US based company.


Approx 4 years ago it is release in 6 December 2013.Quitly its like a shiba Inu dog.


With the programming language C++ its an mined with bitcoin software cryptocurrency it is also limited to 21 millions of coins.


With the represented symbol of ₳ along with the platform of distributed computing. The one and only wallet of crypto currency, which holds ADA.


It’s a protocol of this coin which comes in the native crypto currency and can say it was powered by itself. It is an operating system is the multi level platform.


It’s based on an open source crypto currency.which run by a user of subset which is called and known as “mastermodes”.in decentralized autonomous form.


With the symbol of XEM its an peer to peer crypto currency. Which started with the goal of a to flow and distributed worldwide.


Monero (XMR) is an associate degree ASCII text file crypto currency created in Apr 2014 that focuses on changeableness and decentralization. Monero uses associate degree obfuscated public ledger, that means anybody will broadcast or send transactions, however, no outside observer will tell the supply, quantity or destination.


Zcash could be a cryptocurrency aimed toward mistreatment cryptography to produce increased privacy for its users compared to different cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. The Zerocoin protocol was improved and reworked into the Zerocash system, that was then developed into the Zcash cryptocurrency in 2016.


Nxt is associate open supply cryptocurrency and payment network launched in Nov 2013 by anonymous package developer BCNext. It uses proof-of-stake to achieve accord for transactions—as such there's a static monetary resource and, not like bitcoin, no mining. Nxt was specifically planned as a versatile platform around that to make applications and money services.


It’s also an open source based platform with the platform of computing, distributed with high level of smart features. In Nakamoto consensus, it’s a modified version of via based on transaction transitions.

Pros of Cryptocurrency MLM Software

All the features and functionality you want, you will get in Cryptocurrency MLM Software so there are list of advantages of MLM Software is unlimited.

As the user is using crypto currency platform, then they no need to face any issue for decentralization related as it’s an open source system.
If a user is going to use the transaction its not required at all to to know the procedure and want confirm from anyone as crypto currency is the most user friendly platform.
Whatever transaction you have been done or you are going to do is purely safe and confirmed along with audits as well with crypto Currency.
Nominal or no charges
Sometime Bitcoin provides you the transaction with free of cost or without any charge. When they charge its like a purely nominal charge.
Quick transactions
Gets the smoothest transaction, no worried for the transfer, instant transfer services get all the things without any hurdle.
Eliminate the risk of fraud
For the online money exchanges it can help to reduce the risk for exchange of money and the uses of other uses of Bitcoin. As Bitcoin makers have already made the things as per security motive.
Safety of data

We all know that the internet is not the place to make store our any private data, but yes with Bitcoin anyone save our data to store our personal data.

Handy payment mechanism

Safety Of Data To utilize exclusively for network traders for their payment mechanism as we already know that the most become use of use global choice is Bitcoin only.


The Network Channels can easily track all the transaction.If they want to track any particular bases so they check out the option like on a regular base or any particular time bases.

Cryptocurrency MLM software development Features

Crypto currency MLM software development Features are like endless no one can analyze all the feature some of them we mention here :

  • Website Replication
  • SMS Integration
  • E-Pin
  • E-Wallet
  • Fully Responsive
  • Email
  • Franchise Management
  • Various Reporting System

  • User Friendy Dashboard
  • Multi-User/ Role Management
  • Track Activities
  • Member Management
  • Sales and Income Report
  • Promotional Tools
  • Manage User Account
  • Privileged User
  • Strong Backup setup
  • Easy To Operate
  • Fast, Secure and Reliable
  • Customizable
  • Open Source Technologies
  • Help and support
  • Free Insatant Demo
  • Web-Based Solution
  • Design Template
  • CMS Technologies
  • Automatic Payment Processing
  • E-Commerce Shopping cart
  • Integrated with inventory software
  • Multi Language
  • Multi Currency
  • Auto Responder
  • Lead Capturing
  • Multiple Payout
  • Genealogy Tree

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