About the Dairy Management System

The Dairy Management System is a comprehensive approach to manage the Dairy products collection, making payments, adding ratecards and managing expenses under one roof. The users of the Dairy Management System can also manage employees and payroll. It is a beautifully designed and developed solution for Dairy owners like you to manage all your business processes from a single app. This is a subscription based service developed with the purpose of helping the dairy owners mitigate their losses and increase their productivity.

Problem Statement

According to a study by wikipedia, the dairy industry has a market size of a whopping $313 billion. The US is the largest producer of milk in the world accounting to 14.6% of the global population. The problem is that there is still not a single application which can manage all the processes related to the dairies. (Collection, Sales, distribution, payments, reports etc.)
This results in a significant amount of losses in terms of productivity, time lag, material handling losses, payment losses etc.

Unique Features Of The Dairy Management System

This Dairy Management System has been custom made to help Dairy owners like you automate the processes and activities of your dairy business. This is a complete solution which includes Delivery of the product, Payroll management, Rate card Management, Daily/Monthly Sales, Reports, Advance credits to the user and so much more. The design and interface is simple, easy to use and mobile friendly.


Advance Credit


Rate Card

Report Generation

Milk Collection Request

Product Delivery Request

How the Dairy Management System Helps Dairy Owners like You Solve Your Business Problems

The Dairy Management system that Tech Pathway has developed combines all the above processes and activities into a single application. Once registered with a unique Diary code, the Dairy owners have the capacity to manage members (like farmers), Milk collection, Sales of cattle feed and Member accounts. Additionally, features like Rate chart, Sale to Plant, reports etc. also makes the task of managing the above processes smooth and convenient.

This Application is Useful For

Benefits of the Dairy Management System

Paperwork Reduction
Improved Data quality
Reduce Transportation Expense

Error Reduction
View Reports Daily Basis
Resolve IT adoption issues

Rural Area People Survive option
Inventory & Sales at One Platform
Improve capital and labor productivity

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