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Businesses today have to compete with marketing challenges, new offerings, understand business vision and convert the opportunities.
We at Tech Pathway makes it easier for businesses with the help of data that is gathered across various sources either inside or outside enterprise. Data science as a service is really a demand for businesses, it helps effectively minimise revenue leakages, identify problems and frauds, empower revenue growth, regular sales conversions, and improve the life of enterprise employees.Tech Pathway data science experts implement Data Sciencetechnologies like Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Deep Learning in the big data solutions.
We also helps enterprises to predict and perform data-driven business decisions and understand important steps to strategize and optimize operations.

What We Offer as a Service

Data Analytics services offered by us

Advanced Analysis of Data

Advanced Analysis of Data

Gathering data from various required sources

Data Visualization

Data Visualization

Arranging data for modeling tasks

Data Management

Data Management

Identifying relevant data algorithms for use case on which we need to work

Data Science

Data Science

Machine Learning Model development

Big Data Consulting

Big Data Consulting

Ensure execution of proposed models

Outsourced Data Analysis

Outsourced Data Analysis

IRanking & projection of data scores

Types of Analytics we deliver

Identifying and combining appropriate analytics – Like descriptive, prescriptive, diagnostic and predictive. Our expert works to implement the following solutions:

Data Science & analytics company

Data Science Algorithms for Machine Learning

There are various machine learning algorithms

Linear Regression
Linear Regression

it is a technique which explains a relationship between the variables.

Hypothesis Testing
Hypothesis Testing

it is a process in which statistical tests are used to check if a hypothesis is true or not using data. Based on this testing one can accept or reject the hypothesis.



this test is used to determine the mean of more than 2 groups of data set are different from each other.

Logistic Regression
Logistic Regression

it is technique to find relationship between a set of input variables and output variables.


It is a kind of algorithm where the data is grouped into unique and differentiated clusters.

Decision Trees
Decision Trees

it is extremely easy to understand and interpret. At every node of the tree one can interpret what would be the consequence of selecting that node or option.

Big data company
Principal Component Analysis
Principal Component Analysis

This technique reduces the data set of higher dimension to lower dimension without the loss of information.

Conjoint Analysis
Conjoint Analysis

this test is used to identify the preferences of customers for different attributes which makes a product.

Tools we use in Data Science

  • R-Data-Science

    it is the most popular tool in the industry. It has become a lot more robust and can handle large set of data easily.

  • Python

    it is the most favourite tool of programmers. This tool offers a comprehensive coverage of statistical and mathematical function.

  • Apache Spark
    Apache Spark

    this tool especially works on unstructured data and huge volume of data.

  • Apache Storm
    Apache Storm

    it's a big data tool for moving data and is ideal for real-time analytics or stream processing.

  • Tableau

    it is an easy tool which is used for slicing and dicing your data and creating great visualization and dashboard.

  • Qlikview

    it is a slightly faster tool than tableau and is way more flexible.

  • Splunk

    this tool has a web interface which makes it more easy to use and has a great visualization option.

Industries we have reached with our Big Data Science solutions

Big Data Science solutions

Our Competencies and Achievements


  • Microsoft Gold Data Analytics Competency
  • Amazon Web Services Partner
  • Successful projects for Healthcare, Banking, Advertising, Manufacturing and Retail, etc.
  • 5+ years of experience in big data consulting
  • Fastest growing company in Data Science and Analytics in 2018

Full Range of Data Analytics Services

Data analytics services
  • Advanced Data Analytics
  • Data Science
  • Data Visualization
  • Data Management
  • Outsourced Data Analysis
  • Big Data Consulting
  • BI Consulting