Doctor On-Demand App Development

On Demand Doctor Appointment App

Doctor booking application is an incorporated platform helping patients to get reliable, convenient and timely access to healthcare from anywhere in the world by interfacing experienced doctors. With this doctor’s appointment booking app, the separation between the doctors and patients can be effortlessly wiped out. The patients can easily book their preferred doctors with just the matter of few clicks.

Key benefits of the App

Online Prescription

The app provides the digital prescriptions through which patients can buy the medicines.

Virtual Treatment

Doctors can actually visit their patients virtually with the help of AR/VR assistance.

Easy booking facility

It has become very easy for the patients to book the appointments through the app with the real-time availability and easy to use features.


Doctors can provide treatment to their patients without actually visiting them. It improves their performance and saves time.

SALIENT feature of on demand Doctor app

Information Stashing

This app stores all the medical information related with the patients making it easier for them to find out their records.

Mangement of Information

All the information related with the doctors and patients are stored and managed by the app.

Ratings and Reviews

This feature allows patients to rate the doctors, enabling highest rated doctors to show first.

Scheduling the Appointment

This feature allows both doctors and patients to schedule their appointments as per their convenience.

Emergency Aid

In case of any emergency, the in-built app assistance helps patient and doctor to contact each other.


While registering with the app, it asks for a thorogh verification from the doctors to maintain the quality of the application.

on demand Doctor app development dashboard panel & Functionality

More Features of the App

Alerts and Notifications

Real-time alerts and notifications are sent to the doctors and patients about appointments and cancellation

Online Payment

In-app payment gateway provides safe payment processing through net banking, credit/debit cards, etc

Driving Direction

This feature allows doctors to easily locate the patients using GPS system.

Social Connectivity

The app comes with the social integration feature, which allow users to login and share the app with their friends.

Cloud Operations

The app comes with cloud integration and improves the performance, speed and security of your app.

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