On Demand Grocery Delivery App

Key benefits of grocery delivery application

On the Day Delivery

with a grocery delivery app you can shop and schedule delivery at your doorstep.


The app defines the word convenience and provides a good experience in grocery shopping. .

From the local shops

The app does not deals with the warehouses, rather provide groceries the way you want.


The app provides personalized services to its customers.

At your doorstep

The app delivers your grocery wherever you are, bet it your home, office or to friends or family.

Digital payment

app provides in-app payment option to the customers.

on demand grocery Delivery App DASHBOARD PANEL & Functionality

SALIENT feature of on demand Grocery app

Order alerts

as soon as the order is placed, the concerned store portal gets a notification to deliver the products

Stock Management

this feature helps in the management of the inventory which is sold or received through the grocery delivery application.

Managing orders

as per the availability of products, delivery valets one can accept or reject the orders through the grocery shopping app.


different payment gateways can be used to receive payment upon order confirmation through the grocery delivery app.

Client feedback

with the use of this feature one can view the feedback recievd from the customers about the products and services delivered.


this feature helps in tracking the location of the delivery address as well as the delivery person.