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Here at Tech Pathway, we enable our clients to get benefits from modern technology and its advantages that come with it to get at the top of your event ticketing industry. Our developers have created all types of websites and mobile applications for all of the modern platforms including Windows, Linux, Android, and iOS. Here we believe that our techniques can help you by building a robust and secure system that can help you to grow customer-relationship while generating trust between you.
Our developers have years of experience in building websites and on-demand applications with almost every modern technology. We know that you want to provide what is the best service to your customers, our well-learned developers make sure that there are no errors and bugs in your platform that can cause as well as affect your services. We pride ourselves on making your service quality stable, faster, and more secure than ever, our priority. This goal has helped us make long-term relationships with our prior clients. With the use of cutting-edge technology, we have brought to you a ready to use solution for on-demand event and ticket booking systems.

Benefits of using Tech Pathway Event and Ticket Booking System

Ticket booking portal development

Tech Pathway has developed a secure ticket booking portal to allow customers to book tickets for their events & concerts from anywhere anytime. Our portal offers many advanced features to customers as well as to the admin. Some of these features are customized CRM, venue selection, CMS with analytics tools, marketing tools, and in addition to this, most of the tasks are handled by automation technology. The customized user-friendly booking portal to help you take your booking business to the next level.

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Event management software

Managing an event is hard. The planner has to do everything including managing, collaboration, planning, tie-up, and whatnot. This is why Tech Pathway is offering event management software integrated with the latest technology and automation to help you plan and manage everything at ease. Our event management software has many cutting-edge features including CRM tools, reporting, remote workflow management, marketing tools, reporting solution, and many other important features for every kind of event and concert.

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Ticket management system

We know how hard it is to keep track of every ticket that is being sold to stop reselling in the black market. And how important it is in the big events and concerts to get the ticket management system on track. Tech pathway is offering a ticket management system software for the event manager to sell tickets, organize them, fraud direction, keeping track of check in-and-out as well as validation. Although these tasks can be handled by a number of men there is always a possibility of error, so why not use automation. Since when it comes to big events the physical distribution is not at all possible that is why we have integrated a flexible distribution system to effectively manage the ticket booking system.

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Ticket booking mobile app

Going to the booking center or even visiting the website to book a ticket might seem like a hassle for many people. According to many researchers, many people want to use on-demand mobile applications to book tickets. This is why Tech Pathway is offering ticket booking mobile app development for your customers who like to keep things simple and handy. The ticket booking mobile app development is done without compromising any feature or functionality and it is custom-built according to your requirements.

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Kiosk software solution

We also provide a flexible and personalized application to the customer so they can do the ticket booking as well as any booking related activity. Tech Pathway provides a system for customers that can help them gain knowledge regarding any event happening or upcoming around based on its schedule and availability.

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CRM application development

When it comes to running a successful business, making and maintaining long-term customer relationships are important. The CRM software offered by Tech Pathway can do the exact for you by channelizing the strategies, substitute structured, publicizing strategies, and collecting customer data. It will help you make better business decisions for your company’s future.

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Ticketing POS software

The ticketing POS software is the point of sale of your business that can perform many tasks including ticket booking, cancellation, check-out, as well as integrated automation technology. Our Ticketing POST software will surely help you increase productivity while using lesser resources and lowering costs. Tech Pathway has comprised robust 3rd party integration as well as automation integrated software to make your daily tasks easier.

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Real-time reporting & tracking

When it comes to handling holding or organizing bug events or concerts the ticket tracking and reporting is important to avoid any kind of confusion. The customer would be required to have confirmation before the access can be granted. The whole process is automated and the customer will receive an OTP providing him/her the confirmation either by a text or a call. The application also has an integrated map to help the customer reach the destination of the event.

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Event venue software

The latest next-generation event venue software offered by Tech Pathway is ready to help event planners manage and handle everything from seating arrangement, floor planning, sponsor management, vendor area, broadcast facilities, and systematic rearrangement of the whole venue including the supervision.

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Support management

Providing personalized support in case of any emergency is important to build a loyal customer base no matter what type of business model you are following. And our support management software is also built around this belief. We are offering a smart solution that can help you solve customer problems with efficiency and in a smart way. And in the end, customer satisfaction will make sure that they are having the best experience hence increasing the chances of coming again for more business.

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Invoice management

Our developers have built a custom invoice management software that is integrated with smart features including billing, billing portals, billing modules, billing solutions, and many more important features.

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Channel management

We offer digital solutions to solve all of your problems and make your end results more productive. And we know that more productive results mean business growth and expansion in every possible way. We well-learned developers are offering next-generation solutions to help you with the organization as well as handling multiple channels simultaneously.

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Why choose Tech Pathway

Tech Pathway understand and value the efforts our clients put into


Being an IT consultancy company for more than a decade, Tech Pathway has served thousands of clients across the globe. Our transparency process has always helped us gain the trust of our clients and work in the long term towards their never-ending success.

Unrivaled quality

Our well-trained developers have thoroughly understood that the only way to do business is to provide the client with an unrivaled quality product. We make sure that once you have received software or a website from us, it stays with you for a long time.

Absolute security

Security is one of the most dangerous threats in the 21st century. Even your business rivals can try to gain unauthorized access to your database and your plan. This is why we use top-tier security protocols and guidelines to make sure that you are the only one with access.

One-stop solution

To turn an idea into a success, it takes dedication, strategy, a compatible team, custom designing, marketing, and sheer will. This is why Tech Pathway has handpicked developers with years of expertise in their niche. Work with this well-learned team towards your never-ending success.

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