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It has been said that food is the one thing that “Good food cures everyone and everything”. Other than ending people’s hunger it also changes their mood by making them happy. But, what about you, who is providing all of the services by grinding day and night. Here at Tech Pathway, we understand your situation. We know how hard you really work and what you need to make everything other than cooking easy for you. Tech Pathway is offering food and restaurant solutions to ease your workload and streamline the process.
Our team knows that the hospitality business is one of the hardest to run and grow. The owner would have to take care of every responsibility as well as predictability. As with every single business in the world, some days are good when you can serve easily but some days are really hard when one would need to be on his toes. Here at Tech Pathway, we have a team of excellent developers and designers that can help you by developing an on-demand solution for business. Other than improving your efficiency, it will also help your customers to gain an amazing experience. Take benefit of our food and restaurant solutions.

Benefits of Food and restaurant solution

World Class development and research team at your disposal.

Delivery Aggregator

Our ready to use food and restaurant solution is going to provide you with the delivery aggregator tool. Let’s be honest that you cannot serve as many people at your restaurant as you can serve by delivering. The delivery aggregator tool can help you with the real-life solution by streamlining the process of delivery from your restaurants to the customer. Our solution will be integrated with cutting-edge technology by allowing you to automate delivery assignments, analyzing data, live tracking with an in-app map, and one-touch connection with the customer.

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Food distribution software

When it comes to delivering the food directly to the customer, tracking and efficiency are important. Our new smart food distribution software is going to make sure that you are making the right decision as well as provide you with suggestions. Make your daily tasks easier as well as manageable with our software.

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Grocery delivery software

Allow your customers to shop for the products of their daily needs by using our new grocery delivery software. We know how hard and important it is to manage the delivery of every product and making sure every customer is satisfied. In order to handle this engaging marketplace, we are going to customize your grocery delivery software exactly as your customers and you are going to need. Your app is going to be integrated with every key feature including live tracking, history, smart analytics, CMS & CMR, in-app chat support, finance management, and placing and managing orders.

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Food quality management software

Humans make mistakes. That is why we have developed a food quality management software which is going to keep track of every ingredient that you will use in the cooking. The conditions, moisture, acidic level, temperature, and the shelf timeline of the ingredient will be tracked to keep the food quality at its best. You will be able to use a dedicated control solution to surge the quality.

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Food ordering portal

Cooking the food and delivering it to the user is not everything your food and restaurant solution is going to need. Customers should be able to order food of their choice with ease. With the use of our unified platform the restaurant owners and customers who are searching for a restaurant to order food both can perform their tasks without having to leave their homes. Our developers are going to make sure that your on-demand food ordering portal is up to quality and ready to produce sales you have never seen.

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Website & application for food & receipt

In today’s era, most people are health conscious and want to know what they are consuming. With access to the receipt of the food, they can check for the ingredients used in the food. With the help of our top-notch secure database, we can safely store all of the information so that only you can access it on command. Other than this, you can also provide access to the user so that they can keep track of their calorie intake on a daily basis.

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Inventory management

When running a busy restaurant you would not want to keep track of everything in the inventory the old fashion way. The better and more efficient way to do this is to leave it on AI-powered software. Our developers can create inventory management software for you that can keep track of everything that you have in the inventory as well as the product you are using in real-time. Business owners can access this information in real-time from anywhere.

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Kitchen management

Our kitchen management software can easily help you to work with your chefs and staff in coordination. With the use of advanced technology, it can keep track of everything that is going in the kitchen, waste management, and automate the process. In addition to this, it will be customized to your requirements or needs.

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Order management

While having a really busy day at the restaurants and suddenly someone forgets the order that was given a long time ago. Now you are left with a busy restaurant and an angry & hungry customer at your hand. To solve this common issue, Tech Pathway is offering an order management solution that can keep track of every order that is coming, in-preparation, and completed. In addition to this, it can also automate confusing tasks like informing the delivery aggregator to make a delivery to the customer using automation. Order management software can help you with streamlining the process.

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Food inventory mobile app

Our mobile app developers can also create a food inventory mobile app to keep track of everything available and required in the inventory directly from your mobile phone.

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Food & restaurant ERP

Here at Tech Pathway, we are also offering ERP solutions for your restaurant. We can rationalize your food & restaurant business with the help of MES integration, marketing, content management, as well as accounting to complete the process with ease.

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Why choose Tech Pathway

Tech Pathway understand and value the efforts our clients put into


Being an IT consultancy company for more than a decade, Tech Pathway has served thousands of clients across the globe. Our transparency process has always helped us gain the trust of our clients and work in the long term towards their never-ending success.

Unrivaled quality

Our well-trained developers have thoroughly understood that the only way to do business is to provide the client with an unrivaled quality product. We make sure that once you have received software or a website from us, it stays with you for a long time.

Absolute security

Security is one of the most dangerous threats in the 21st century. Even your business rivals can try to gain unauthorized access to your database and your plan. This is why we use top-tier security protocols and guidelines to make sure that you are the only one with access.

One-stop solution

To turn an idea into a success, it takes dedication, strategy, a compatible team, custom designing, marketing, and sheer will. This is why Tech Pathway has handpicked developers with years of expertise in their niche. Work with this well-learned team towards your never-ending success.

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