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Service marketplace solution like never before

Are you looking to create the next Airbnb, Flipkart, Zomato, Amazon, or Uber and change the whole industry the same as these market giants did before you? You can try the new service marketplace solution offered by Tech Pathway. Our developers have built an engaging and optimized platform that will bring a great amount of traffic, increase conversion rate, and help you achieve your sales target. Our market research team can help you to create a high-quality marketplace platform, with an on-demand website, as well as on-demand mobile apps that your users will use to make orders. Being a marketplace software development company, Tech Pathway is offering an end to end mobile application and website development for service marketplaces. With our fleet of extremely talented developers with years-long experience in designing and developing websites and on-demand mobile app solutions for service marketplaces. During our time while serving clients across the world, we and our team have developed a unique understanding and keeping a balance between what our clients want and what they require. Our developed on-demand service marketplace will not only enable your customers to receive service but also help your company to grow with market research, customer service, and filling the supply and demand gap, as well as while helping you with a better product presentation.

Benefits of the service marketplace solution

Business to business marketplace

Tech Pathway is offering an on-demand service marketplace solution for B2B ( business to business). Use this custom-built marketplace solution to allow businesses to do service transactions with other businesses. Our developers are able to create the solution as you required.

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Delivery aggregator

Our ready to use service marketplace solution is integrated with the delivery aggregator tool. The delivery aggregator tool can help you with the real-life solution by streamlining the process of delivery from your service provider to the customer. Our solution will be integrated with cutting-edge technology by allowing you to automate delivery assignments, analyzing data, live tracking with an in-app map, as well as one-touch contact with the customer.

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Consumer to the consumer marketplace

Businesses are not the only ones that will use your service. Sometimes even consumer-to-consumer marketplaces are also required. Use consumer to the consumer marketplace solution offered by Tech Pathway, built on according to all of your requirements. The marketplace solution is focused on helping the user find the service they are looking for with as much ease as possible. When consumers get great services with an amazing experience, they tend to come back for more.

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Multi-vendor marketplace

When it comes to choosing a service marketplace model, Multi-vendor marketplaces are in demand. You can get a responsive website and mobile app solution for your multi-vendor marketplace. Our developers understand what our client actually required and are dedicated to working toward that. The whole platform will be custom-built to provide the best user experience.

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Order management

No one wants to make their customers angry by forgetting their service order. To solve this common issue, Tech Pathway is offering an order management solution that can keep track of every order that is upcoming, in service, and completed. In addition to this, the solution can also automate confusing and complicated tasks such as informing the service provider to make a delivery to the customer using the automation feature. Order management software can help you with streamlining the process.

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Business to the customer marketplace

When it comes to popularity, business to the customer marketplace is the one that wins. We know that there is so much competition in the market that is why we custom build everything from scratch to create a unique experience for your users. Our user-centric approach, together with a well-thought business model is the key to provide the best platform that your users will enjoy.

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Custom built design for a better user experience

Mobile-friendly, connectivity independence, as well as discovery and installable progressive web app for your service marketplace. In addition to this, our developers will build everything from the ground using custom animations and transitions to provide the best user experience. Our ready to use marketplace solution will guarantee the highest user engagement and conversion rates.

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Peer to peer marketplace

If you are going for Peer to peer marketplace then try out the ready to use marketplace solution offered by Tech Pathway. This custom-build service marketplace will guarantee high user engagement as well as conversion rates. Other than this, our scalable websites will be ready to grow as you grow your business and expand your service area.

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CRM tool integration

When it comes to running a successful service marketplace business, making and maintaining long-term customer relationships are important. The CRM software offered by our well-learned developers can do the exact for you by channelizing your market strategies. Our CRM tool integration can help you with substitute structured, publicizing strategies, and collecting customer data. It will help you make better business decisions for your company’s future.

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Secure solution

Security is one of the most important factors when it comes to building a great marketplace solution. We create a marketplace solution that is secured, the whole process is automated and the customer will receive an OTP providing him/her the confirmation either by a text or a call. The application also has an integrated map to help the customer reach the destination of the customer.

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Why choose Tech Pathway

Tech Pathway understand and value the efforts our clients put into


Being an IT consultancy company for more than a decade, Tech Pathway has served thousands of clients across the globe. Our transparency process has always helped us gain the trust of our clients and work in the long term towards their never-ending success.

Unrivaled quality

Our well-trained developers have thoroughly understood that the only way to do business is to provide the client with an unrivaled quality product. We make sure that once you have received software or a website from us, it stays with you for a long time.

Absolute security

Security is one of the most dangerous threats in the 21st century. Even your business rivals can try to gain unauthorized access to your database and your plan. This is why we use top-tier security protocols and guidelines to make sure that you are the only one with access.

One-stop solution

To turn an idea into a success, it takes dedication, strategy, a compatible team, custom designing, marketing, and sheer will. This is why Tech Pathway has handpicked developers with years of expertise in their niche. Work with this well-learned team towards your never-ending success.

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