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We at Tech Pathway are offering a ready to use solution for the travels & tours business. You are more than welcome to join us on our way to tours and travel solution development that will disrupt the travel industry as well as make profits for our clients. We are also offering cutting edge technology services integrated with different modules to handle different aspects/tasks of your business. Your customers will be able to log in to the module and then search for the destination they want to visit. Our tours and travel booking solution also entitled your user to generate reports of a customer’s travel agents, packages, hotel bookings, trips, and transport. This means your customer will also be able to generate reports on booking trains, buses, Flight, Hotels, etc. This feature will also help users to search and filter reports on bookings. In addition to this, customers can also download their tickets in PDF form. Your customer module will also be integrated with the in-app map to help with navigation to the destination. So far Tech Pathway has helped over 60 tours and travel businesses across the globe with average customer satisfaction of 4.7 out of 5. From creating an on-demand website that responds to mobile devices to promoting it among your potential customers we are here to take care of everything.

Benefits of Tours and travel solution by Tech Pathway

Booking Engine Solutions

Our new faster and quick booking portal are ready to enable your customers to book tickets, hotels, and all of the services offered by you. This scalable booking platform can manage multiple bookings with ease. Tech Pathway can also help you with the integration of the new booking solution into your existing system as well as provide them with a flexible booking engine management solution.

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GDS Integration

Tech Pathway also offers the integration of 3rd party APIs to make your tours and travel platform more productive. There are many APIs including Amadeus, Galileo Sabre, and others. All of these APIs are industry passed and proven to increase efficiency and productivity.

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Travel Portals

Tech Pathway also offers a travel portal development that will attract more customers and turn those leads into sales. It performs and functions flawlessly. Our well-learned developers have developed travel portal solutions for web as well as smartphone-based applications to reach out to almost every audience. You will also be getting end-to-end travel portal services.

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OTA Integration

With the use of our OTA integration into your tours and travels portal, we can ensure that you are receiving world-class services. This will also help you to expand your tour services to new areas and domains.

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Flight booking software

Here at Tech Pathway, our main goal is to make sure that our client’s customers get an amazing experience. This is why we custom-built everything for a better user experience. Tech Pathway is offering customized platforms for flight booking on mobile devices and the web. The customer will be able to check their schedule booking on almost every digital platform including their mobile, tablet, and smartwatches.

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PMS development

Property management system development is important for the success of your tours and travel business. This helps the hotels of the hospitality business to offer their best available services to the customer. This increases the overall experience of the customer. The customer’s services are GDS and OTA integration, PMS modules, guest service, metered usage, etc. And all of these services are inclusive to the PMS development.

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Hotel booking software

In order to offer a transparent management solution to our clients, we have a hotel booking solution that will deliver all of the essential information to you without any confusion or noise. In addition to this, the ready to use solution is integrated with modern technologies to handle complicated tasks and offer smart features.

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Airbnb integration

Airbnb is one of the few integrations into your travel booking portal that will make a huge difference. Airbnb has already worldwide reach and travelers also preferred it most of the time. Airbnb integration will allow your customers to book local homes, villas, and apartments to have a native local experience of their trip. By delivering access to Airbnb onto your platform we are enabling you to allow your costumes book travel packages from you and get an amazing experience and stay.

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Hotel and restaurant POS

With the rise in POS solutions in the 21st century, Tech Pathway has successfully come up with a solution that consumes lesser time. This POS solution allows the innovative and systematic check-ins and out, check table reservations, as well as kitchen management solution.

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Vacation rental

Tech Pathway is offering Vacation rental feature integration into your tours and travel solution. This can efficiently manage your hotel and travel parts of the business as well as boost your sales and grow your business. The software offers many solutions including designing, vacation rental website development, vacation rental channel management, and marketing management.

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Loyalty program software

Loyalty programs have always helped businesses to gain more customers as well as keep the existing ones. The same goes for tours & travel businesses too that they also hold the potential to grow their customer base by using the loyalty programs. However, keeping track of everything that a company is offering and handling other tasks can be quite confusing and difficult. This is why Tech Pathway is offering a Loyalty program software solution to our clients to complete these confusing and complicated tasks with ease. The solution offers many benefits including rewards points, referral programs, gift vouchers, as well as redeeming options to enhance the relationship between your customer and you.

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Why choose Tech Pathway

Tech Pathway understand and value the efforts our clients put into


Being an IT consultancy company for more than a decade, Tech Pathway has served thousands of clients across the globe. Our transparency process has always helped us gain the trust of our clients and work in the long term towards their never-ending success.

Unrivaled quality

Our well-trained developers have thoroughly understood that the only way to do business is to provide the client with an unrivaled quality product. We make sure that once you have received software or a website from us, it stays with you for a long time.

Absolute security

Security is one of the most dangerous threats in the 21st century. Even your business rivals can try to gain unauthorized access to your database and your plan. This is why we use top-tier security protocols and guidelines to make sure that you are the only one with access.

One-stop solution

To turn an idea into a success, it takes dedication, strategy, a compatible team, custom designing, marketing, and sheer will. This is why Tech Pathway has handpicked developers with years of expertise in their niche. Work with this well-learned team towards your never-ending success.

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